Smokey Eye Makeup – Tips to Get a Perfect Look in 10 Minutes

Hot and sexy, smokey eyes is a makeup trend that never fades away. It has been the number one eye makeup trend for years with no chances of going anywhere soon. No matter how popular the trend is, there is no denying in the fact that there are women who still crave to learn the trick to get the perfect smokey eye look. If you are also one of them, here is your guide to learn smokey eye makeup and take your eye makeup game a level up.

smokey eye makup tips
smokey eye makup tips

The best part about smokey eyes is that you can easily play with different colors including blue, black and brown.Let’s understand the basic steps and the process to achieve the perfect look just in 10 minutes.

Just in 10 minutes? Shocked?

Don’t worry, if followed the right steps, it is completely possible to get a perfect smoky eye look in just 10 minutes. I have done it and you can also do it. The best part about it is that, you don’t need to look at the perfection when doing it so quickly. The whole game is about the right smudging and blending, which you can easily learn with little bit practice.

Let’s start!

What you need?

  1. A brow filler
  2. A matte brown cream shadow
  3. A black kajal pencil
  4. A shimmery black eyeshadow
  5. A matte brown eyeshadow
  6. A shimmery, peachy beige eyeshadow
  7. Concealer

Step 1 – Fill in your brows

Filling the brows first help you understand how far you need to sweep you eye shadow. It helps you from the hassle of cleaning the overly spread eyeshadow and wasting time.

Step 2 – Apply matte brown cream shadow

This is the time to build out the look by applying your matte brown cream shadow. Spread it evenly all over your lids from lash line to the brow bone with the help of a flat brush. Once applied well, now blend out the edges with fingers or a tapered blending brush.

Note – If you have oily lids, start by applying a layer of colourless eye primer.

Step 3 – Apply black kajal pencil

Line your upper and lower lash lines as well as your water line with a black kajal pencil. Smear the kajal pencil all over your lid. (You don’t need to be perfect for this step as ultimately you have to smudge it.)

Step 4 – Apply shimmery black eyeshadow

Now with the help of a flat eyeshadow brush, apply shimmery black eyeshadow on top of the black kajal on your lids. When most of the eyeshadow is used from the brush, give a few strokes of the leftover eyeshadow on the same brush on your lower lash line.

Step 5 – Blend black liner and shadow

Here comes the real game, where most of the women get stuck. Blending the kajal and eyeshadow to create the smokey eyes. But it’s not that difficult. Just pick up your tapered blending brush and blend the shimmery eyeshadow into the black kajal. Start with small circular motions from the lash line and then use a windshield wiper back and forth motion while moving up into the crease.

Now connect your lower lash line to the outer corner of your lids by gently running the same brush along your lower lash line.

Step 6 – Apply batter brown eyeshadow

Now you have got perfect smokey eyes as a beginner. You can either stop here and complete the look by applying mascara or can give more finishing with a touch of matter brown shadow. Apply it with domed blending brush to soften the transition between the darker black and lighter brown shades.

Step 7 – Clean the extra fallout

With the help of a makeup wipe, clean any fallout under your eyes or on your cheeks. But you need to be careful as sometimes we end up wiping the smokey layer on the lower lash line.

Step 8 – Hide the dark circles

If you have any dark circles under your eyes, hide them with the concealer. Apply concealer just up to the edge of your smokey lower lash line and soften the transition with a Q-tip.

Follow these steps, and there you are with perfect smokey yes to rock any party. Have some questions, write to us through comments.