Review: Sugar Eye Told You So! Create Dramatic Look Just in one Stroke

Eyes are a mirror of the soul. These work as the doorway to the heart and speak louder than words. By properly decorating them with the right eyeliners these become more impressive.

preeti gupta

Every woman loves to play with her eyes and spend a good amount on buying high-quality makeup products for eyes. Eyeliner makes the most important part of the whole makeup kit as it gives the girls an opportunity to play with different looks.

I am also one of those women who love to let her eyes do all the talking with different eyeliner styles and eye shadow colors. I keep a close eye on varied eyeliner strokes and look for the best eyeliners that help me get the perfect look.

And the quest for the best eyeliner for dramatic look helped me find Sugar Eye Told You So. Just one use and I became a huge fan of this eyeliner. I got this in my Fab Bag subscription.

If you are a true makeup lover and look for honest cosmetic product reviews, this review will surely help you make the right choice.

sugar eyeliner

Price: INR 699

Quantity: 1.7 ml

Color: Black Swan

Design: Pen form with sharp tip

This easy to apply waterproof eyeliner is jet black and dries very quickly. The best part about the liner is its smudge free feature. On drying, it gives beautiful matte effect with the perfect dramatic look. It is the best option for the killer “Cat Eye” look with the right eyeliner strokes.

It dries quickly and doesn’t smudge when you have to remove it. I like to try different styles which make me remove the eyeliner multiple times. With other eyeliners, I had to remove the liner and use water to remove the black spots left by the liner. But with Sugar liner, I don’t have to bother about this at all. Just one wipe and you don’t even get to know where you applied it. Though it is a good feature, it is one of the drawbacks also. Without touching it stays for around 7-8 hours, but one rub and it’s gone completely.

eye liner sugar
Unlike other waterproof eyeliners, it is not stubborn to remove. Just dip the cotton in the cleanser and it gets off very easily and that too without leaving any marks on your eyes. It is waterproof not water resistant. So it can get off easily in a simple face wash even with plain water.

My personal favorite in this eyeliner is the long felt-tip applicator, which is easy to hold and helps in making perfect lines just in a single stroke. Further, you don’t have to apply multiple quotes to get the dramatic look. Just do it once and you are done with the appealing eyeliner having an amazing matte look.


  • Jet black color
  • Pen style design
  • Fall-tip applicator for easy application
  • Good staying time
  • Smudge free
  • Doesn’t leave marks
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes
  • Intense matte effect
  • Doesn’t need remover


  • Not easily available
  • Goes with just one swipe

suger eyelinerOverall, I just loved this liner but just wished it to be more durable. A great product for everyday use. Flexible tip and easy removal are good options for the new users who make more mistakes in creating the perfect lines. If you are not worried about the price, you must give it a try!