Product Review: Spawake BB Cream and Whitening Triple Care Serum

Being a reviewer and a huge lover of cosmetic products, I keep experimenting with different products from varied brands. Sometimes I get product sample while at times I invest in products just to check how these work on my oily skin. Whenever I try a new product, I make sure to write a review on this to help other girls who also like to experiment like me.

In March, while ‘passing time’ on Facebook, I came across a competition from Spawake. I just participated in and luckily won a gift voucher of Rs. 1000. I got an option of buying products worth Rs. 1,000. To avail my voucher I ordered 5 products from Spawake. These included:

  • Moisturizing face wash
  • Moisture fresh BB cream (natural tone)
  • Whitening Triple Care Serum
  • Whitening scrub face wash
  • UV protect aqua gel

Spawake BB Cream

Now after using the products for around one month, I thought that it is a right time to write a review of them. Today I will review only Moisture Fresh BB Cream and Whitening Triple Care Serum.


This is a Japanese beauty and cosmetic brand. The brand helps the beautiful ladies get glowing and soft skin naturally with the goodness of sea. The products from Spawake are developed from the sea-sourced natural Sea Weeds and active ingredients.

Moisture Fresh BB Cream

natural glow bb cream

BB cream is a makeup staple for busy women. I don’t step out without applying BB cream. I love it due to its multitasking like moisturizer, foundation, primer, sunscreen and anti-ageing cream, all in one.

Spawake moisture fresh BB cream is a lightweight formula that moisturizes the skin and corrects flaws. Enriched with sea minerals, SPF 25 and PA+++, it keeps the skin fresh and moisturized up to 8 hours.

The cream is available in two shades:

  • Perfect glow
  • Natural glow

Review of Spawake Moisture Fresh BB Cream


As I have wheatish complexion, I ordered natural glow shade. I just love its tube packaging with a small nozzle. It has a perfect consistency which puts a check on wastage. You can easily squeeze out the required quantity without worrying about wastage.

As far as its texture and fragrance are concerned, I quite liked both. Just a small amount of a peanut size gives my face a smooth and refreshing look. I have tried BB creams from around 4 different brands and none of them was so lightweight.

This is extremely easy to apply. Just put some dots on your face and blend it well without any worries of spots. It makes skin look brighter and covers blemishes.

What I didn’t like about the cream:

As I have oily skin, for a few minutes it makes my face look greasy. Though it looks perfect after some time, immediately after applying it I don’t feel that good.

What I like the most about the cream:

At times a get white spots on my face due to sun allergy. This BB cream perfectly covers the spots while giving me even skin tone.

Price: Rs. 249 for a 30gm tube

Rating: 4.5/5 (.5 deducted for the greasy look)

Whitening Triple Care Serum


Spawake claims this triple action formula to:

  • Reduce melanin production
  • Prevent melanin accumulation
  • Hydration and repair of skin damaged by UV rays

I am very much happy with my skin tone, so my objective behind buying this product was not to get fairer skin tone. I was just looking for a moisturizing face serum and found it impressive after reading details. After using it for a month, I noticed that it actually doesn’t whiten the skin tone; rather, it prevents it from getting darker by preventing production and accumulation of melanin.

Review of Spawake Whitening Triple Care Serum


This is a gel-like texture, which helps me get smooth skin. Though they have suggested 3-4 pumps, I use just 2 pumps of serum as it is enough to cover my face and neck. I apply it by mixing it with the BB cream from the same brand. Immediately after applying the blend of BB cream and face serum, I can notice a glow on my face.

The only thing, I didn’t like about the serum is that it takes the time to absorb. I need to blend it on my face for a few minutes to make it look non-greasy. This is an extremely lightweight formula and doesn’t make my face look layered with makeup.

What I like the most about the face serum:

It is quite lightweight and makes me feel fresh. The gel-like texture blends well into the skin.

I also liked its packing. The bottle can be easily carried in a travel bag. Further, the pump packing ensures that you don’t end up taking more quantity than required.

Price: Rs. 399 for 45ml bottle

Rating: 5/5