How to Style High Waisted Jeans Like a True Fashionista?

In case you haven’t noticed, high waisted jeans are back in fashion again. These are not popular only because these hide love handles, belly bulges and front flab but also because these are available in myriad shapes, sizes, patterns and designs. But the tricky part with high-waisted jeans is that these can instantly make or break your look. If not fitting well and not paired with the right tops, you might look like a fashion criminal than a fashionista. So, from the fitting, size and right styling, you need to pay due attention to everything when wearing high-waisted jeans.

Following the trend, many girls buy high waisted jeans, but when it comes to wearing them right, this becomes a huge struggle. If you are also one of them and want to learn how to style high waisted jeans like a true fashionista, here are some styling tips for you.

Find the Right Jeans for You

This is the most important thing. Just following the trend blindly is of no use. If you want to spend money on high-waisted jeans, make sure you buy the right one.

For petite figure:

If you are petite lady with shorter legs, high-waisted jeans with 29-inch inseam or lower is the right choice for you.

For pear shaped figure:

If you have pear shaped figure, you should go for boyfriend style jeans with a wide waistband. These give your body a full coverage both from the back and front.

For an athletic body:

Flare style jeans is the right choice for the girls with an athletic build. These help you create curves and look hot.

Styling tips for High-waisted Jeans

Wear High-waisted Jeans with a Tucked-in Top

tucked in top

There is no use of spending money on a high-waisted jeans if you have to cover it by wearing a long top. Let the world see your stylish look by pairing your jeans with a tucked-in top. You can wear anything from simple shirts to long-sleeve tops or a t-shirt.

Wear High-waisted Jeans with Crop Tops

crop top

Crop tops are designed for these types of jeans only. The small gap between your jeans and the top adds an oomph to your look and makes you look hot. Based on your figure and the occasion, you can wear loose, flowy or a tight fit crop top.

Wear High-waisted Jeans with a Body Suit and Kimono

body suit and kimono

If you have to look hot and stylish at a party, just pair your ripped high-waisted jeans with a party-wear body suit and a kimono. A carefully selected outfit can add charm to your beauty instantly and this can be done even with ripped jeans.

Wear High-waisted Jeans with a Jacket and Scarf


No, you don’t need to wait for the winters to try this look. Get a simple jacket for summers. Now pair your high-waisted jeans with a tucked-in tank top, stylish jacket and a scarf. You can further add beauty to your look by completing the look with ankle length boots. The best part about this look is: it works perfectly well for any figure.

Wear High-waisted Jeans with a Striped T-shirt

striped t-shirt

Even a simple striped t-shirt can take your look to another level when rightly paired with stylish high-waisted jeans. Tuck in the tee and complete the look with ankle length boots to get a classy and chic look.

Wear High-waisted Jeans with a Long Jacket

long jacket

Whether you are heading for a party or for a meeting, high-waisted jeans/ pants with long jacket can make a great choice. If you are looking for a formal look, you can pair your high-waisted trousers with a tucked-in top and a long jacket. Complete the look with minimalist heels.

Accessories with High-waisted Jeans


Rightly selected belts add more style to high-waisted jeans. If you want a sleek look, opt for black or brown skinny belt. If you want to draw attention of everyone with your statement look, you can use a wider belt with your high-waisted jeans.

High heels and low boots

Skinny or flared high-waisted jeans look great with high heels. You can also try patterned heels to add more fun to your otherwise simple look.

For the girls buying boyfriend style high-waisted jeans, low boots with a slight heel make a perfect choice.

Sandals or Wedges

Skinny high-waisted jeans also look great with leather sandals or wedges in summers. Wedges with heels look great with flared jeans.