How To Lose Weight Quickly By Drinking Fruit Infused Water?

Drinking plenty of water is the first tip given by every weight loss expert. Just read any blog on weight loss and the most common thing will be the advice of drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Undoubtedly, drinking plenty of water helps in natural cleansing of the system while making your body healthier. But drinking plain water throughout the day can be really boring. (I really hate it.)

Why not make simple water more tasty and interesting by adding some natural flavor to it? Yes, this is what most of the celebrities and Bollywood stars do. They keep fruit infused water bottles with them.


What is fruit infused water?

This is the most obvious question after reading about the benefits of fruit infused water. It is nothing but mixing fruits in water to add a twist to plain water. Fruits are either immersed or squeezed in cold water to leave their texture, aroma, and taste in water for maximum health benefits. You can add any of your favorite fruit, vegetable or herb in water to prepare this healthy drink.

Overloaded with the taste of fruits, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, this refreshing drink is a great option in summers. You can drink it any time of the day to keep your body hydrated.

Benefits of fruit infused water:

  • It has more nutrients than normal water
  • It helps you lose weight quickly
  • It prevents you from eating junk food by keeping you fuller for longer
  • It controls aging signs due to presence of anti-oxidants
  • It improves metabolism and helps you get better digestion
  • It helps you stay away from desserts due to the sweet flavor of fruits

benefits of fruit infused water

How to make fruit infused water?

Making this tasty water is like a piece of cake. All you need is just a jar, fruits of your choice and water. Crush fruits slightly and put them in the jar filled with water. You can also add mint to enhance the flavor. Seal the lid and let the fruits do their magic for a few hours. Sip the drink after 1 hour to relish tasty water for quick weight loss.

How to get maximum benefits from this healthy water?

Though making detox water is too simple, a few mistakes can cause more harm than benefits. So here are a few points to ensure that you get maximum benefits from your drink.


  • Pick organic products
  • Ensure removal of chemicals and pesticides by washing the fruits properly
  • Use cold or normal water
  • Use glass bottles to make your drink
  • Use softer fruits and cut them into thin pieces
  • Crush leafy herbs to release their oils
  • Keep it in refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth

You can try various combinations of fruits like muskmelon and mint, lemon and mint, strawberry and basil and much more. Just mix your favorite fruits with your drink and get ready to enjoy it throughout the day.