Helpful Tips to Keep Your Makeup Brushes Clean and Last Longer


Makeup is like a necessity for most of the girls. It not just helps you look beautiful but also boosts the confidence. And the only way to apply beautiful makeup products like foundation, eyeshadow, blush etc. is with different makeup brushes. We use different types of makeup brushes to swipe, dust and fluff the beauty products. To ensure that the makeup brushes don’t cause any harm to your soft and glowing skin, you also need to keep them happy. And the best way to keep your makeup brushes happy and healthy forever is their regular cleaning.

How regular should we clean the makeup brushes?

Before moving on to the tips to clean makeup brushes, let’s check how often do you clean them. As makeup brushes are used directly on the face, you should clean them regularly. Now what does this regular routing mean? Logically, you should clean makeup brushes, beauty blenders and sponges every day after applying makeup. However, for busy working women, it might not be possible to do every day. Most of the dermatologists and experienced makeup artists suggest that we should clean our concealer, foundation and eye shadow brushes at least once a week. This not just enhances the life of the brushes but also helps in better application of the makeup products.

Be careful and check the tips below to know how to clean makeup brushes to make them last longer.

  1. Right storage of the brushes

storage of brushes

One of the most essential things to keep your brushes healthy is to store them well. You should always keep them in a separate pouch. It not just keeps the makeup brushes covered but also protects them from the air-pollutants that can cause various skin allergies and other problems.

  1. Spot Cleaning

spot cleaning

Spot cleaning is a good way to clean makeup brushes quickly. This quick and easy technique makes a great choice for cleaning eye makeup brushes that are required for blending.

Process to spot clean the makeup brush:

For spot cleaning, you will need a makeup brush cleaner. Damp your brush by spraying the cleaner and gently swirl the brush on a paper towel to remove the makeup from the brush. You can clean all your makeup brushes by using this technique.

  1. Deep Cleaning with Shampoo

deep cleaning

You should wash your brushes with shampoo at least twice a month as spot cleaning doesn’t ensure complete cleaning. No matter how many times, you spot clean the brushes, some traces of the makeup products still left behind. Deep cleaning keeps the brushes in shape and helps you get smooth makeup.

Process to clean your brushes with shampoo

You should use a gentle shampoo to clean makeup brushes. Using baby shampoo is the best option as it keeps the bristles soft. For blush, powder and eyeshadow brushes, you can also use dry spray. You can either take shampoo on your hand and then wash to brush or can mix water and shampoo in a bowl to wash the brushes. Once you have washed the brushes with shampoo, wash them under clean water and dry them with a paper towel. Leave the brushes to dry overnight.

  1. Tips to clean beauty blenders and sponges:

beauty blenders

These pay an equally important role in application of the makeup and need the same time, care, attention and cleaning as makeup brushes. Deep cleaning with shampoo or soap is the best option to clean beauty blenders and sponges.

Hope you liked the tips and found them helpful. Now when you know the tips and process to clean makeup brushes, make sure you take out time every week to clean your brushes.