Hair Care Mistakes That Ruin the Health of Your Locks

All of us be it a man or woman wants to have a lustrous mane of hair. But in greed to get beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, we end up making some common mistakes that cause more harm than benefits. Have a look at some of the common mistakes and find out which of them is making your hair look dull, rough and unhealthy.

Irregular cleaning

Most of us are under the misconception that washing hair too often keeps them clean, but in reality over washing makes the locks damaged. The effects get worse if you use shampoos that are high on chemicals. Overuse of shampoo, even the mild one dries out the scalp by stripping natural oils.

Right technique: If you have an oily scalp, wash your hair every other day, otherwise twice a week is good enough for clean hair.


More is not always good

A common mistake most of the women make to get beautiful hairstyle is to use a number of styling products at the same time. Using more products might not always make you look beautiful.

Right technique: Try to keep the hair styling product as low as you can. More is not always good, especially when you are talking about hair style. It can make you look more messy than beautiful.


Brushing wet hair

I know we all are in hurry in the morning and get ready in a rush. While saving time in getting ready, we generally brush wet hair and invite hair fall problem. Brushing wet locks tear them from the scalp that increased the break amount of even new and strong hair.

Right technique: Wet hair is more prone to tangling. So to avoid shower-induced tangling, develop a habit of brushing your hair before taking a bath. You can also use a good quality hair serum to detangle your hair.

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Hair Colors

Did you also get inspired by Katrina’s red hair color in ‘Fitoor’ and tried different colors to get the best look? Using hair colors for highlights and beautiful look is the recent trend and almost everyone is experimenting with it. These colors are made of harsh chemicals and wrack havoc on the health of beautiful mane of your hair.

Right option: The best thing for your hair’s good health is that you don’t color them at all. If you still crave to try the season’s hot trend, use only high-quality hair color and follow the instructions given in the user manual.


Harsh Towel Drying

Towel drying wet tresses might sound a better option than blow drying, but it is also harmful to your hair. Harsh and rough towel drying with heavy strokes can make your hair look rough, dry and weak.

Right technique: Use a soft towel and blot dry your tresses. You can also use a soft cotton t-shirt to dry your hair to prevent damage.

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Skipping Trims

I know most of the girls love long hair and to get that they generally avoid trims. Even if you want to grow out your hair, you shouldn’t avoid regular trims as it has a direct impact on look and health of your hair.

Right technique: If you are trying to keep your hair long, ask your hair stylist to cut low tresses. Besides making your hair look healthy, it also helps you get a beautiful look as it keeps the tresses in shape.


Either skipping conditioner or using it on the scalp

Many people either completely skip conditioner or use it on the scalp as well. This is one of the biggest mistakes that ruin the locks and make them look dull. Actually, applying conditioner on the scalp clogs the follicles and directly affects hair growth.

Right technique: As the conditioner is to moisturize your hair, you should apply it only on the ends. The right use of conditioner also protects your hair from the damage caused by pollution.