A Beginner’s Guide to Apply Perfect Eyeshadow

No matter how beautiful is your lipstick’s color or how glamorous is your outfit, your look is incomplete without eye makeup. When done perfectly, you eye makeup game can take your look to a all new level. But as I said only when it is done well. A minor mistake and it can spoil the whole game; especially when playing with the eyeshadow. One wrong stroke and you might end up making yourself ready for a Halloween party instead of a date or a party at work.

Hey Wait! I don’t want to scare you. Rather, I want to help you apply perfect eyeshadow with my beginners guide.

Eyeshadow is no doubt the basic requirement to start with eye makeup. But to apply it, you will require different types of brushes for various functions like packing on eyeshadow, blending it and smoking out the lash line. Here are the brushes, you need for eye makeup.

Flat Stiff Brush – To apply eyeshadow on the eyelid and under the lower lash line

flat stiff eyeshadow brush

Pencil Brush – To apply eyeshadow on the lower lash line

Stiff Dome Brush – To blend out the colors

stiff dome eyeshadow brush

Fluffy Dome Brush – To blend the eyeshadow for flawless transition from one shade to another

fluffy dome eyeshadow brush

Step-by-step Guide to Apply Eyeshadow Like a Pro

Now, it is the time to start with the process to apply eyeshadow. Given-below are the steps you need to follow to apply perfect eyeshadow.

Step 1: The Base

Step 1

Creating a right base is essential to not just get the perfect look but also to allow the makeup to stay there for longer. So, to prepare the eye area, start by cleaning it followed by application of a moisturizer or an eye cream. Now apply eye primer or a concealer that matches your skin tone around the eyes. Once you are done with the application of primer or concealer, seal it there with translucent powder.

Step 2: Chose the Eyeshadow

step 2

Eyeshadows are available in varied textures like frost, shimmer, shine, matte etc. Selection of the eyeshadow color and texture depends on the occasion, shape of your eyes and the skin type. For instance, textures like frost or shimmer make a good choice for eyelid and brow bone while for the crease area, you can pick matte finish.

Choose darker shades of eyeshadow for the crease area and lighter shades at the center of the eyelids to make your eyes look sexy. Start the process with a flat brush in patting motion from the center and then sweeping it towards both the inner and outer corners. .

Step 3: Choose Shades for Crease

step 4

Once you have applied the base coat of lighter shade on the center area, move on to the crease area with a darker shade. It helps you define the eye shape. You can choose colors like deep brown, deep gray, black etc. Make a ‘V’ by starting application of eyeshadow from the outer corner of the eye and now blend it halfway through the eyelid with the help of a fluffy brush. When you are sure that the color are looking softer, move on to the brow bone and highlight it with lighter shades in frost or shimmer textures.

Step 4: Eye Liner and Kohl

Complete your eye makeup by applying eye liner and kohl. Apply kohl on the lower lid and smudge it with a pencil brush to get a smoky look.

Quick tips to apply eyeshadow like a pro:

Start your makeup with eyes and then move on to the base makeup. This helps you cover eyeshadow fallout under or around the eyes without spoiling your makeup.

Use a pencil brush to define the crease area and then use a fluffy brush to blend it well.

If you are not able to draw a ‘V’ on the outer corner of the eyes, you can also draw a ‘#’.

To ensure that you get the best transition, use clean brushes.

A perfect eyeshadow no doubt makes your eyes look beautiful and dramatic, but it also needs a lot of patience to master the skill. Once you know the trick, it gets really easy to apply a perfect eyeshadow for any occasion like office party, wedding, date etc.