FlabtoFab – Inspiring Weight Loss Journey of RJ Malishka Mendonsa

Besides her weight, she gained popularity for her bubbly, sensitive and energetic nature. The beautiful lady is a highly popular RJ in Mumbai and fills the mornings of Mumbiakar’s with life with her energetic and cheerful voice.


This famous RJ who is known for her show Morning No. 1 on Red FM is nowadays drawing attention for her curvy and hot look. By losing half of her weight, she now looks a completely new version of MalishkaMendonsa who is way more beautiful, attractive and inspiring.

How did the magic happen?

When asked about her weight loss, the lady says this is an outcome of her hard work and rigorous routine that included workout, yoga, Pilates, healthy diet and running.

She has lost 16 kgs just in five months and set amazing weight loss goals for those who say that losing weight is impossible.


Let’s have a look at her #FlabtoFab journey:

The inspiration

Malishka participated in JhalakDikhlaJaa season 7 and had to struggle hard to learn the dance moves. During the five-week journey of the show she lost a few pounds which garnered her compliments from the judges Karan Johar and Madhuri Dixit. So it was during the show, she got inspiration to lose more weight to look gorgeous.

Malishka Mendonsa

In her words, “After receiving such lovely and inspiring comments from the champions in the business, realization set in and I started to panic. Numerous questions plagued my mind: How was I going to keep a tab on my weight? How would I manage my busy schedule and fitness regime? Finally, I started looking for an expert trainer and dietician. When I started my weight loss journey in December 2015, I weighed a massive 72 kgs, which was excessive for my 5 feet 1 inch frame.”

She had to push herself hard to achieve her weight loss goals. The first thing she started was exercise to get fit and healthy body as her aim was not to be skinny but fit. In beginning she had worked out for two and half hours ata stretch at Gold’s Gym. Her weight loss regime also included cardio-elliptical trainer, cycle and weights. She also took Pilates classes for which she used to go after her show that used to get over at 11 a.m. Dancing, Zumba and Yoga were also part of her journey, which she follows till date.



She also joined boot camp workout. The left no stone unturned to lose every extra pound on her body. She used to walk an hour with weight strapped to her legs.


She piles on weight very quickly and that’s why keeps a close watch on her diet. To get the curvy body she proudly flaunts now, she has paid due attention to her food. Her breakfast includes avocado nut shake, kokam juice and green tea. She prefers taking fruits like pomegranate, guava and green apple.

Her lunch and dinner include air fried fish, salad, boiled asparagus, broccoli salad, soup and sometimes sweet.


She says, “It is a tough task to control the food urge for a foodie like me. But I’m extra careful now and I try and eat before I go for parties.”

Today she can easily climb six floors with around one kg weight strapped to her legs. Something that used to be a big deal has now become a daily routine for her.


Today she gives competition to many leading divas of Bollywood!!