Amazing Makeup Tips To Look Hot On This Valentine’s Day

It is the time of year again when there is love in the air. Everyone is busy making romantic plans to celebrate the special day with love of their life. But planning for the girls is not just limited to finding the best gift or location for the date night, but we also want to make sure that we look our hottest best.

Whether it is a date with the partner or just a night out with the friends, girls want all the attention to be on them. From bold red lips to designer dresses, smokey eyes and nude pumps, they don’t need any stone unturned to complete the glamorous look.

If you have figured out the outfit for the day of love but confused about the right makeup, here are some expert tips for you.

No-makeup look has become a thing of past this year and the makeup look is back on trend. By saying this, I mean that you have great opportunity to bring out your bold shades and try them to look super-sexy for your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

Inner corner highlight

Take your simple smokey and sultry look to a next level by highlighting your go-to inner corner with silver glitter.

inner corner highlight


If you find red too bold for you, try to experiment with some other shades. A pink is a great option for this romantic day. If you opt for pink, just make sure you apply eyeliner well to add drama to otherwise simple look. You can try winged line to let your eyes do the talking.


Copper Eyes

If you think your eyes are your best assets and want them to take the center stage, pat copper pigment on your lids to add oomph to your look. If your Valentine’s Day celebration also includes a gala night, you can dab some more metallic eye shadow for a dramatic look.

copper eyes

Lashy and defined eyes

Get ready for some romantic eye contact by playing with your lashes and liner. Apply carbon black liner all around both the lash lines and double the mascara coat to get perfectly defined lashy eyes.

lashy eyes

Complementary colors

Do you think red and green are just Christmas day colors? Wrong; with some changes you can make them look for perfect for the romantic day. Apply a blue-toned red lip color and teal liner to get ready for Feb 14.

red and tea

No-makeup look

I know I said that no-makeup look is not a trend this year, but if you are spending your Valentine’s Day outdoors, it is better to avoid layering of makeup on the face. If you apply a number of makeup products on your face, the chances of it getting melted and converting into a mess due to exposure to the sun are very high. So it is better to keep it minimal and apply just a cream, blush and tinted lip balm.

no-makeup look

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No matter, which look you choose for the special day, your partner is sure to fall for you once again. Designer dress complemented with perfect makeup is enough to set the mood for a romantic night.