Amazing Health and Skin Benefits of Spice & Herb Water

In our previous blog on health benefits of water, we talked about fruit infused water and it’s role in weight loss. Fruit infused water not just makes simple water taste good but also speeds up weight loss.

Today, we will talk about some more such benefits. Water no doubt works wonders for our , and by adding some herbs in it we can make it more beneficial. Experts have been using blend of water and spices for centuries as an ayurvedic medicine. Luckily, you can also make this therapeutic water concoction at home by adding some common herbs and spices available in every kitchen.

Here are some ayurvedic water you can make at home for amazing health, skin and hair benefits.

  1. Methi (Fenugreek) Water

Methi is a commonly used spice in Indian kitchens. Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties in Fenugreek cure many health, skin and hair problems. For instance, by washing your hair with methi soaked water you can get rid of dandruff. Further, drinking Fenugreek water in morning helps in blood sugar control in diabetic patients, prevents bloating and promotes insulin secretion.


  1. Saunf (Aniseed) Water

Saunf is a commonly found spice in kitchens. People also eat it for digestion and to control bad breath. But do you know , Aniseed also helps in weight loss. Just soak a tablespoon saunf in water overnight and drink it in the morning. This helps in reducing tummy fat.


  1. Dalchini (Cinnamon) Water

Dalchini is a great spice with soothing fragrance and amazing health benefits like protection from infection and tissue damage. By making a habit of drinking Cinnamon Water every day, you can prevent tooth decay, bad breath and uncontrollable blood sugar level.

Amazing Health and Skin Benefits

  1. Tulsi (Basil) Water

In India, tulsi plant can be found in almost every home. This sanctified plant is also known for its medicinal properties. By soaking tulsi leaves in water you can not only get glowing skin but can also treat many health issues like fever, cold and increased uric acid in blood. Tulsi also works wonders for hair and helps you get silky and healthy locks.


  1. Dhaniya (Coriander) Water

Dhaniya not just enhances taste and aroma of food but also improves health. Antioxidants and other chemical compounds in coriander cool body and cure water retention. All you need us to soak some coriander seeds in warm water for 10 minutes and drink it regularly for magical results.