Try These Simple Facial Exercises for a Slim and Wrinkle Free Face

Looking sexy and young is almost every woman’s dream. In order to realize this dream, we spend hours in gym and kill our desire of mouthwatering dishes. While searching for different ways to get a sexy look with a killer waistline like models, we also spend a future on expensive products. But while doing all this, most of us forget the impact of our face.

No matter how sexy figure you have; without a perfect face everything is useless. Just imagine a killer figure on an ageing face with wrinkles and sagging skin? It is like wasting hours of your life on wrong body parts. If you have also been ignoring you face, this is the right time to correct your mistake.

Just check some easy facial exercises to make your face look slim and wrinkle free. Make these Yoga tricks and facial exercises a part of your daily routine to subtract a few years from your face.

  1. Trick to Reduce Double Chin

double chin

This is one of the common problems faced by ladies who are on the heavier side. Double chin starts to get visible once you lose your extra weight. Thankfully, you can shape up your chin and neck with the exercise given below.

Exercise: Keep your neck erect and posture upright. Press your lower lip over upper lip and now smile while lifting the corners of your lip. Now, use your palms to rub underlying muscles a few times. Stop doing it, the moment you feel the hint of strain on your lower neck area.

  1. Chewing Gum to Fight Ageing Signs

chewing gum

Yes, you read it right. Chewing gums can actually help you fight ageing sings. When done properly, it provides a consistent movement of facial muscles, which keeps the muscles toned. It also makes the surrounding skin firm and smooth, helping you look a few years younger than your real age.

  1. Exercise to Tone Chin and Jaw line

exercise for chin and jawline

The platysma is the muscle that connects jaw line to the shoulders, loosening of which leads to the problems like double chin and sagging skin on the neck. Check the exercise to tone the jaw line, chin and neck.

Exercise: Stand or sit straight while tilting your head back. Hold your head still and touch your tongue to the hard palate of your mouth (roof of the mouth). It will contract the muscles causing a slight pain in the neck. Just bear that tingling pain and bring your chin down to your neck area. Repeat this exercise in sets of five to see magical results quickly.

  1. Exercise for Forehead


Appearance of wrinkles on forehead is one of the early signs of ageing. No matter how beautiful you look or how appealing your figure is, these wrinkles work as the spoiler. Here is the exercise you can try to get rid of these forehead wrinkles to look young always.

Exercise: The best part about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere and anytime. You just need to make surprised expression to smoothen out the fine lines from your forehead. Try the expression at least 8-10 times, twice a day to get a smooth forehead.

  1. Exercise for Firm Cheeks

firm cheeks

Do the pouches on your face make you look fat? Are laugh lines near your mouth making you look old? Try the exercise given below to firm your cheeks.

Exercise: Start this exercise by separating you cheek muscles to the corner of mouth with the help of your fingers. Now suck in your cheeks and lift your jaw to bring out the creases on both sides of the face. Now, place both your middle fingers upon the creases to smoothen the skin. Repeat the same movement for 15-20 times to see results.

  1. Facial Yoga

facial yoga

Facial yoga is a great remedy for neck and face skin toning. In addition to this, it also increases blood circulation while relieving tension in facial muscles.

Exercise: In facial yoga, you need to hold your breath in and expel the air out to discipline your muscles. To do this, stand straight and take a deep breath. Now, puff your cheeks out while holding the breath in as long as you can. When you feel that you are not able to hold the breath in, start exhaling it through your nose. Repeat the process around 8-10 times every day.

  1. Flex Brows

flex brows

Sagging eyebrows is one of the reasons behind pale and dull appearance of your face. Eyebrows loose density and firmness with age. The good thing is that, with right exercise, you can escape this old look.

Exercise: Hold your eyebrows right below your brow with the help of the tip of your fingers and left them up and outwards while putting some pressure. Keep your eyes open while doing this and hold your brows like this for around 5-7 seconds. Now, press down muscles above your brow against your fingers for 5 seconds. This exercise will work wonders on the flexibility of your brows and give you younger look.

Apart from this, you should also focus on your diet. With age, requirements of our bodies change and if these don’t get the required nutrition, no exercise can work. Take enough amount of water, eat healthy food like salad, oats etc. to make your skin look young and glowing naturally. Workout, expensive makeup products and dieting can give you desired figure and skin only when you maintain a right balance of everything. Just eating healthy without exercise or sweating for hours in the gym without providing right nutrition to your body can never make you look fit and young.

Don’t forget to share your ideas to make skin look young and flawless!