5 Unexpected and Different Uses of Mascara

We all use mascara to add volume to our eyelashes to make them look beautiful. It makes an integral part of the complete eye makeup process. Two or three strokes of mascara can thicken, lengthen, curl, volumize, darken and intensify your eyelashes making your eyes look more dramatic and beautiful. But most of the times it happens that we are not able to use the mascara completely and it dries. Further, we Indians are in the habit of using one product for multiple uses and when we have to throw the mascara without using it completely, it hurts a lot. Thankfully, there are some other uses of mascara that you might not be aware of.

You will be surprised to know that the use of Mascara is not just limited to making your eyelashes beautiful. There are a number of other uses of this beauty product, some of which I have explained here:

Mascara as an eyeliner

mascara as liner

Yes, you read it right. You can also use your mascara as an eyeliner, if you like to apply gel liner with a brush. Just grab your eyeliner brush, gently sweep it over the mascara want and get started to sketch the upper and lower lash line.

Mascara to hide grey hair

mascara to cover grey hair

Want to rush to a party, but didn’t get the time to dye your grey hair? Don’t worry, there is a quick trick to not just set your baby hair but also to hide the grey hair spoiling your perfect look. Take advantage of the power of the mascara want and sweep the strands of the brush on grey hair to merge them with the rest of your hair.

Mascara to set your brows

There are many girls who curse their brows for spoiling the complete look. You don’t need to let this happen anymore. Just pick up your mascara wand, shape your brows and make them look super voguish with just a few right strokes. Simply comb the brush through the brows in an upward motion to define and shape the eyebrow hairs.

Mascara to fix baby hair

mascara for baby hair

Baby hair are really annoying when you have to make a specific hairstyle and these don’t let it happen. No matter how much hair sprays you use, stubborn baby hairs show up from nowhere. You will not have to face this problem anymore as you can keep them in control by coating the small strands with mascara.

Mascara for Nail Art

mascara for nail art

If you want to experiment with some new and unique nail decorations, using a mascara wand is a perfect idea.

These are some different uses of mascara. Hope you liked the tips and will use them.