5 Best Makeup Ideas for Glamorous Party Look

The biggest night of the year is finally here. Every girl wishes to keet her best foot forward in the New Year party to have a high impact star look. Though New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest nights of the year, it is not just the New Year’s Eve when you need to look sexy and glamorous. Girls need to look great at every party; no matter what is the reason for the party. So, here we won’t just stick to New Year party looks, but the best and beautiful looks for any party at the office, college, home or with friends.

  1. Sparkly Smokey Eye

If you are going for a party at disc or club where everything will literally be lit, your eyes should also match the theme. A classic glittery Smokey eye makeup can make you look perfect for the party. Give a bit extra glam than usual but make sure you don’t go over the top. This is also a great option for last minute outfit choices as it can immediately make your whole ensemble look chic and stylish.


  1. Dramatic Vampy Look

Surprise the guests at the party with your dramatic yet refined vampy party look. The focus in this style is on eyes and lips. Related to vamp life, the look needs you to have rose gold eye look and dark lips. Winged eyeliner is the trick to get eyes on you.


  1. Metallic and Gold Makeup

Ok, so you want to say that you hate that excessive glitter on your face. Not an issue; you can still look party perfect and can shine in the room. Gold and metallic is the right makeup choice for those who are not in the mood of getting involved with the glitter. Apply gold makeup on your eyes and keep your lips metallic to create the magic.


  1. Dramatic liner

Whether it is your birthday party or any other party, dramatic eyeliner is a great option to turn heads. This graphic, fun and attractive eye liner is really easy to apply. Just watch some tutorials and you can master the skill of applying different types of eyeliners like cat eyes, winged, classic, drama and many more.


  1. Holiday blues with blues

Ditch the same old black, brown or copper lash colors this party season and try something sexy with teal and blue. Make your eyes look bigger and gorgeous by applying blue kohl on lash lines.


So which party makeup look you are going to try this? Don’t forget to share your beautiful pictures on Glamtainment’s Facebook page with the hashtag #PartyLook.