15 Common Fashion Mistakes Every Man Should Avoid

Following the celebrities can be a good choice to look stylish like them but not every time. Sometimes, it can make you look strange. There are many fashion mistakes like wearing too tight clothes, mismatching the footwear and transition lenses that instead of enhancing your appearance make you look awkward. For a few these can be small mistakes while for others these can be fashion ‘disasters’; whatever these are, one thing is sure that these mistakes hold back your game and give you a slouchy appearance.

  1. Too skinny or baggy clothes: Neither too tight nor overly baggy clothes can give you a perfect look. If it gets difficult for you to find outfits in perfect fitting, you can go for tailored clothes, but never compromise with the fitting.

skinny or baggy clothes

  1. Mismatched shoes: If you feel that you can manage with just two pairs of shoes: one formal and one casual, you are wrong. You cannot wear the same pair of premium leather shoes with every formal outfit. Read about different types of shoes, their suitability for the varied occasion and wear them carefully for the best look.

Mismatched shoes

  1. Improper tie length: A standard rule for ties length is the center of the belt buckle. Anything longer or shorter than this can make you look a fashion victim.

Improper tie length

  1. Wrinkled clothing: Your clothes have a huge impact on your personality. Don’t make people feel that you just woke up and directly came to the office in your night suit. It’s better to hang up your clothes to protect them from getting wrinkles.

Wrinkled clothing

  1. Clipping cell phone to the belt: The pager era is over. Don’t flaunt your cell phone brand by clipping it to the belt. It is better to keep it in your pocket.

Clipping cell phone to the belt

  1. Pairing nonathletic footwear with athletic socks: Besides your shoes, selection of socks is also important for different occasions. It is better to buy matching socks whey you buy leather shoes online to get the perfect look.

Pairing nonathletic footwear with athletic socks

  1. Too many prints: Prints can be a good choice to create your own style statement, but too many prints can make you look strange. Whether it is a casual dress or a themed dress, avoid using too many prints at the same time. If you want to wear a patterned suit, the rule is to keep it just to two patterns.

Too many prints

  1. Oversized branding: Undoubtedly branded clothes are comfortable and status symbol, but you don’t have to flaunt the brand. Don’t become a free advertiser for the brand.

Oversized branding

  1. Tucked-in t-shirts: Though it is not always bad to tuck in the t-shirt, but for an appealing casual look, you should avoid doing this.

Tucked-in t-shirts

  1. Excess fragrance: You should be very careful while spraying perfume. Don’t become a walking perfume bottle and an unbearable smell for the people.
  2. Pairing sandals with socks: I don’t think I need to say much on this. Just imagine anyone wearing sandals with socks and you will understand the look. At least, you cannot imagine a sexy look in this combination.

Pairing sandals with socks

  1. Dirty shoes: This is the most overlooking area of a men’s fashion. If you really want to look stylish and classy, keep your shoes clean, scratch free and dirt free.

Dirty shoes

  1. Wrong belt color: If you are getting ready for a professional occasion, make sure you match the color of your belt with the dress shoes to get a perfect look. Further, the material of the belt and the shoes should also match. If you are wearing premium leather shoes, the belt should also be in the same look and feel.

Wrong belt color

  1. Wrong casual tie: If you want to pair a tie with your casual dress, make sure you buy a different tie for this. Casual ties are slimmer than the formal ties. This minor change can make you look more fashionable and appealing.

Wrong casual tie

  1. Unmaintained facial hair: You face is the first thing people notice, so it is important to pay due attention to your facial hair and keep them well groomed for a sharper look.

Unmaintained facial hair

Get the best look at every occasion by avoiding these fashion disasters.