10 Tips to Carry Off Saree Like a Pro

“It’s just a saree, wrap it around and you’re done!”

This is a common statement, people who have never tried to drape saree say. These ignorant people don’t know that draping saree like a pro is an art.

Girls love compliments and saree is one ensemble that helps you get most of them. Further, it’s not just about the compliments but also the inner beauty and confidence that make saree the most preferred option when it comes to ethnic wear.

The nine-yard fabric boosts your feminine appearance by hugging and showing the right curves. There are different ways of draping sarees, but all of them can work only when you know how to drape it. So here are 10 sneaky tips to help amateurs carry off saree like a pro.

  1. Choose right fabric

saree fabric

Saree fabric makes a lot of impact on the drape style and your final appearance. For first timers, it might get difficult to carry off heavy fabric. Choose lightweight fabric like chiffon or georgette to look great. Making pleats is comparatively easier in these fabrics.

  1. Pay attention to petticoat


It is not just about the color of the petticoat but also the fabric that can make or break your look. You should be very careful when choosing a petticoat. If you want to look slimmer while enhancing your hips, you should go for a slim fit or mermaid-cut petticoat.

  1. Pin it well

pin it well

Wearing saree perfectly is almost impossible without pins. By pinning your saree properly, you can ensure that the pleats stay at the right place. Use as many pins as you want to set pleats and pallu, but make sure you conceal them will.

  1. Check fitting of the blouse

bouse fitting

Fabric, design, color and fitting, everything in the blouse should be paid due attention. You should feel comfortable in the blouse. The blouse should neither be loose nor be too tight. Also adjust the bra straps well.

  1. Pick lingerie wisely


Not just saree but any outfit is incomplete without right lingerie. While wearing saree, you should be extra careful with the fitting of your bra as it directly affects shape and structure of your blouse. Pay close attention to the cup size and their position. Moreover, when wearing saree, replace thongs with comfortable panties.

  1. Choose the right footwear

right footwear

Avoid awkward situations of tripping and falling in saree by picking the right footwear. Choose comfortable heels. Make sure you wear your footwear before draping the saree to avoid length problems. The saree should cover the feet well.

  1. Drape it at the right place


You final look in the saree highly depends on where you drape it. Saree should neither be too low or nor too high on the waist. Tie your petticoat at the right place before starting to drape the saree.

  1. Pre-pleat the saree


This is the best tip for the beginners. Making pleats is the most difficult thing when wearing saree, which you can avoid by pre-pleating it. You can make pleats by putting the saree on the table and pinning them before draping it.

  1. Don’t forget the fall

saree fall

It might seem chaotic to go to the tailor for getting falls stitched, but fall has a huge impact on the saree. Nowadays women avoid falls due to heavy embroidery and borders. But if you want your saree to fall well and to not get holes from your footwear, you should definitely get fall stitched in your saree.

  1. Be simple with accessories


Accessories can make or break your look. If you are wearing a simple and lightweight saree, you should not go for heavy accessories. Wear simple jewellery with smooth edges to make sure that these don’t get stuck in your saree.