10 Incredible Christmas Gift Ideas To Surprise Your Lady-love

Are you searching for the perfect gift to surprise women of your life on this Christmas?

It’s the time of year again when everyone waits for Santa Clause to fulfill their wishes. This year you can become the special Santa for your lady-love by gifting them some special and amazing things. Whether it is your wife, girlfriend, mother, daughter or a female friend, you need some special ideas to find a gorgeous gift for women.

When buying gifts for women, you also need to make sure that they don’t have to waste time on a return trip to the shot to exchange the gift you bought for them. And this is possible only when you get a perfect gift while keeping preferences, taste, and choice of the lady in your mind. Here is a list of top 10 gifts that every woman will love to get from Secret Santa.

A Designer Scarf


With the arrival of winters, every woman wants a stylish scarf that not just makes them look beautiful but also protects them from the chilling breeze. Trendy scarves are the ones women can never unwelcome.



Jewelry is every girl’s best friend. No matter how big collection of accessories they have, they never feel satisfied. So you can surprise them on this Christmas by gifting a beautiful jewelry set from top brands.



I bet no woman is going to say no to a beautiful and designer jumper presented on Christmas morning. Just find the right color and design as per the choice of lady you are buying the jumper for and surprise her with a beautiful gift.

Teddy bear

teddy bear

It might make you feel bad, but every girl’s first love is a teddy bear. No matter what is their age, women have a craze for teddy bears. So you can gift a beautiful teddy bear to lady-love of your life. Still not satisfied? Why not gift her a live teddy bear? Yes, you can dress up as a teddy bear and gift yourself to her.

Designer bags


Handbags, clutches, and sling bags are the essentials for women. They cannot step out without carrying this essential that makes a home for their important items. Buy designer branded bags for women online to surprise the woman of your life.

Bracelet or handcuffs

Circle of girls wearing Band4Hope wristbands and other bracelets wrist candy at In the Woods Festival

If you want your girlfriend to feel you around all the time, you can gift her beautiful bracelet or handcuff that she can wear every day. The bracelet is a timeless piece of accessory that can be worn with any outfit; be it Indian or western.

Beautiful t-shirts


If your lady-love likes to wear comfortable clothes, you can also get her a beautiful t-shirt. You can either buy simple t-shirts or can opt for customized t-shirts where you can add pictures or quotes of your choice to express your love.

Cosmetic tools

cosmetic tools

Though gifting a cosmetic item is a luxury gift, but guessing any woman’s choice is really difficult. A minor mistake in the selection of the shade or brand can make your product a complete waste for the lady. Instead, you can gift her fabulous cosmetic tools set that she would love to use. You can easily find delightfully soft and beautiful makeup brushes online.

Swarovski Earrings

swarovski earings

Gift this beautiful pair of brass and Swarovski earrings to surprise your woman. This gorgeous pair is perfect for everyday wear and makes a timeless style for contemporary women.

Finger Ring

finger rings

Gift her finger ring to strike the heart chord. People say that ring finger directly connects to our heart. So, you can gift her beautiful finger ring this Christmas to make it more special for her.

There is no doubt that women love gifts and when these are as surprises from the loved ones, the value increases more. So choose any of the gifts from the options given above and become a secret Santa for your lady this Christmas.