Watch Bharti Beautifully Giving A Message Against Body Shaming



Have you seen Joy Moisturizer’s new ad featuring ‘Comedy Nigh Bachao’s’ comedian Bharti Singh?

Isn’t it a strong move against body shaming? Joy has perfectly broken the stereotypes by casting a plus size lady in a beauty product.

Body shaming is a big issue all over the world. This is like a disease where people are differentiated based on their physical attributes. Slim, tall, fair and beautiful women are given more importance than overweight, dark and small women. This discrimination on the basis of appearance set unrealistic beauty expectations forcing millions of young men and women to take the wrong path. Extreme dieting, so many cosmetic surgeries, and unhealthy practices are some of the steps which people who suffer body shaming take. Body shaming is a big reason for depression among young men and women.


We have always seen beautiful, sexy and stylish ladies in the advertisements of beauty products. There have even been some brands which said that they will only cast fair girls in their ads.

However, the thinking of people is changing and one of the best examples of this is the latest advertisement by beauty brand Joy. Against the normal notion, the brand featured Bharti Singh, who has risen to fame with her humor and comedy skills.


The ad featuring Bharti Singh has gained immense popularity and audience acceptance due to its unique concept. In the ad, she shares her journey of going through a lot of troubles due to her overweight and then becoming a stand-up comedian by using the same thing.

The actress and comedian beautifully shared her experience of transforming from an overweight girl to a beautiful girl. She explained how she had always been mocked for her weight with names like “moti”, “elephant” etc. She said that people always loved her talent, comic skills, and talent, but never called her beautiful. She also questions the mentality of people by asking about the perfect ‘model type’ that is usually 36-24-36.


Bharti says in the end that the thinking of people has changed otherwise no one would have selected a plus size woman for the promotion of a beauty product.

The ad tried to give a message that beauty is all in our head, not in shape, and it has successfully communicated the message. In a situation where there are so many campaigns and debates on body shaming, the ad has perfectly represented diversity in body types. It teaches women to love their true selves instead of running behind the perfect figures.

Watch the advertisement here:

With this ad commercial of Joy’s body lotion; Bharti has become the first overweight celebrity to promote a beauty product in India.