Top 10 beauty tips every woman should have on her tips

Looking beautiful is what every woman wants. For this some rely on makeup while others prefer going natural, but yes, all want to look beautiful and attractive. As beauty enthusiasts, women are constantly in search of different tips to up their beauty knowledge. So, to bring your search to an end, here we provide a list of top 10 beauty tips every woman must know:

  1. Make your lips look fuller with peppermint oil

10 beauty tips every woman
10 beauty tips every woman

Don’t want to spend money on Botox to make your lips look fuller like most of the actresses. No worries, you can still make them look naturally beautiful. Next time when you apply lip gloss, just add a few drops of peppermint oil in it and get plump lips instantly. 

  1. Never leave home without sunscreen

beauty tips every woman
beauty tips every woman

We all have heard this advice don’t know how many times, but only a few of us seriously follow it. Make it a point that you don’t step out without applying sunscreen irrespective of the weather outside. It not just protects your skin from sun damage but also works as one of the best anti-ageing tools. 

  1. Hydrate your cuticles

Top beauty tips for woman

The more you hydrate your cuticles, the stronger nails you would have. So develop a habit of applying cuticle cream or oil before going to bed. You can also use excess eye cream on cuticles to keep them hydrated. 

  1. Use layers of skincare products carefully

How to layer skincare products the right way is one of the major concerns among women who love to apply makeup but are not a pro at it. But it is really essential to know the right layering as it can make or break your makeup game. 

Logically, you should always start your layering game with application of the thinnest layer leaving the thickets and creamiest products for the end. Creams and oils in the thick products seal other products on the skin and help you get a perfect and flawless look.

  1. Use vaseline to tame eyebrows

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The shape of your eyebrows plays a huge role in your overall appearance. Properly tamed eyebrows make you look beautiful while curled and disobedient eyebrows make you look messy. You can easily tame them by using a small amount of Vaseline. Yes, this is one of the best uses among different uses of vaseline

  1. Clean nail polish stains with lemon

women beauty tips nail polish

I just hate the stains left after removing nail polish colors like blue, red and other dark shades. Finally, I got a solution to this problem and would like to share it with you. You can get rid of those stains and can get bright nails instantly by sticking your nails in lemon halves for just five minutes.

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  1. Choose the right liquid for natural beauty

Fruits for women beauty

If you love to go natural for a beautiful look, you need to be extra careful with the liquid you choose for your body. It might be tempting to grab a cup of strong coffee or alcohol in the office party, but are these really helpful for your skin? NO! Drink ample amount of water to keep your skin hydrated, bright and oxygenated. You can also transform your skin by including a glass of fresh vegetable juice in your breakfast. 

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  1. Hot water gives an invitation to bacteria

women beauty tips hot water

Hydrated skin is a secret to a beautiful face, which you can get only when you wash your face with cold water. Dermatologists also suggest that you should wash your face with cold water as warm water opens the pores and which further gives an invitation to bacteria. 

  1. A patch test can avoid many problems

patch test for beauty

Most of the hair care and skincare products contain chemical substances, which might not suit every user. So, whether you are trying a new hair colour or a new hair removal cream or any other skincare product, you should always conduct a patch test. It alarms you about any chances of allergy and protects from various skin problems. You should always read the instruction manual provided with the product and follow the steps given on that for a patch test. 

  1. Exfoliate regularly

Exfoliate for women beauty

Don’t wait for your visit to the beauty salon or next appointment with your beautician for regular skincare processes like exfoliation. This is an amazing beauty tip you should always follow. Regular exfoliation of the skin helps you get rid of dead skin cells, cleanse the pores and ensures that your makeup sets effectively on your face without making cakey layers. 

How many of these beauty tips you have already tried? What is your favorite tip? Do you have more such beauty tips for fellow beauties? Let us know through comments!