Swara Bhaskar Joins Campaign Against Mob Lynching With Online Petition

After murder of a 16-year old Muslim boy in a train, the rage among people against mob lynching has burst out. Not just the common masses, but many celebrities like Shabana Azmi, Konkona Sen Sharma and Kalki have showed their anger by joining #NotInMyName campaign. And the new name joining the list of actors working against mob lynching is Swara Bhaskar.

The lady, who was recently seen in the movie Anaarkali Of Aarah has started an online petition on Change.org. Seeking the enactment of ‘Manav Suraksha Kanoon’ (MASUKA), the actress has demanded a ban on cow vigilant groups. She started the petition as a citizen of India and requested to discuss the new law in upcoming session of the Parliament.

In her petition, she wrote, I am an actress in the Indian Film Industry. But as a conscientious citizen of India, cannot allow these lynchings to take place… I, along with thousands of young Indians, stood up against this public menace in protests that were recently held across 20 cities of the world.We, together, said #NotInMyName, to such violence. Next day, PM Modi issued a statement condemning the killings in the name of gau raksha (cow protection). But even after vigilante violence has continued.”

Within 24 hours, the petition has got more than 3,000 signatures. To reach Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the petition needs at least 5,000 signs, which I guess is not difficult for Swara to get.

The 29-year-old actress, who will next be seen in Kareena Kapoor starrer Veere Di Wedding, is deeply concerned about the mob lynching in India. Some of the suggestions she included while asking for MASUKA are to make mob lynching a non-bailable offence, decide institutional accountability, mention strict punishment, suspend local police officials who support such crimes and relief and rehabilitation for the survivors and families.

Talking about the recent incident of Junaid’s murder on railway station, she said, “Every time I read about a new case of mob lynching, my head hangs in shame. I am a proud Indian and have always believed that our country’s strength lies in its diversity and acceptance of different cultures, religions and languages. But the recent newspaper headlines are making me feel that the social fabric of our country, the very core of our national identity is under threat. 2017 is on its way to becoming the worst-ever year for violence in the name of cow protection. 20 attacks were reported in the first six months 2017 alone.”

Further talking about the cruelity of mob lynching and carelessness of local police, she added, “A policeman was recently lynched in J&K. On the other hand, police claims that they could not save Junaid because of the crowd, pointing to both police complicity as well as gradual disappearance of the rule of law. No civilised society can be ruled by mobs. Lynching does not find mention in the Indian Penal Code. No particular law has been passed to deal with lynching. I believe in a violence-free India. I, therefore, appeal to the lawmakers of our Parliament to enact a strict legislation against mob lynching.”

If you feel that mob lynching should be stopped immediately and there should be some strict law against it, visit Change.org and sign Swara Bhaskar’s petition today.