Only Sultan Can Beat PK’s Records – A Genuine Feedback or a Well-thought-out Strategy

Salman Khan’s Sultan got a record breaking opening at the box office with positive reviews from the critics as well as masses. Not just Salman Bhai’s fans, but everyone who has seen the movie is highly impressed by his new avatar. The record-breaking spree of the movie is clearly visible from its high ticket prices in metro cities. Where tickets are available for Rs. 700 in Mumbai and Pune, in NCR people, are ready to shell out even Rs. 1800 to buy Sultan’s tickets.

While everyone is admiring the movie from the film fraternity, one of the actors who is praising the movie to the skies is Aamir Khan.

Aamir Khan went to watch the movie at the special screening and when asked about his feedback, he made a long list of positive things about the movie. From the acting to the music, emotions, story and Salman’s work, Aamir Khan liked everything. He said that what the audience wants in a mainstream movie, Sultan has all that. While congratulating the entire team, he went on to add that if any movie can break PK’s record, this is Sultan.


Undoubtedly his buddy Salman will be more than happy to get such an amazing feedback. But I am a bit confused with the review.

Presently Aamir Khan is promoting his new movie Dangal which is expected to be released on 23 December. Produced by Disney Studio India and directed by Nitesh Tiwari, Dangal is a real life story of Mahavir Singh Phogat, who taught wrestling to his daughters.

We all know about the ongoing controversy with Dangal. People are furious with Aamir Khan’s intolerance comments about India. The anger is so high that a huge group has decided to boycott the movie.

Dangal protest

Just in a few hours of poster launch on Twitter, people filled the microblogging website with hate tweets against the movie and the actor with the hashtag #boycottdangal.

#boycottdangal 2

Now among all these campaigns against his upcoming movie, Aamir Khan is praising Sultan so much. Now is it a genuine feedback or Aamir Khan’s strategy to impress Salman Khan and convince him to promote his movie.

In Anushka Sharma’s words about Aamir Khan, “He is a very intelligent, strategic guy. I interacted with him during PK and realized that he’s very good at reaching out to people with what he wants them to think or wants to say or communicate.”

Everyone is aware of Salman Bhai’s huge fan base and if he promotes the movie, this is for sure that at least his fans will go to watch Dangal. Even if Salman Khan’s fans go and watch the movie, Aamir Khan will get a big help in a scenario where everyone seems to be against him.

It seems that everything is going against him or people are just finding out reasons to troll him. #BoycottDangal gets stronger with his decision to make no comments on Zakir Naaik and the statement “Religion is a personal thing, he has a right to his opinion” on Irrfan Khan’s remark on Bakrid.


Hope his efforts help him and his movie also becomes a blockbuster with record breaking earnings!