Is the “rape” statement controversy really going to help Sultan?

Creating controversies just a few days before the release of any movie has become a sort of trend in the industry. Take any movie and you will see many controversies attached to it; especially when it is a Salman Khan movie.

These controversies related to the public protest, censor board’s demand of cuts, certificates etc. are deliberately created to draw the attention of people towards the movie and drive them to the theaters to watch the movie.

The same thing has happened again. After Abhijeet Bhattacharya’s apology related drama, just a few days before the launch of much-awaited movie “Sultan” Salman Khan has made a highly controversial statement.

During an interview, when asked about his schedule and shooting, he said that after working with so many heavy men and a lot of repeat shots, he used to feel like a raped woman and could not even walk straight.

We all know Salman Khan is known for his blunt attitude, but this time, it is a really very serious issue, India is facing at present. He had made fun of such a sensitive topic and gained a lot of negative publicity.

You can imagine the public anger from the point that his father Salim Khan had to apologize to the public for his 50 years old son’s statement.

Now the question is, will Sultan really be a hit?

Salman Khan’s movies are already known for weak storylines. These become a hit and highly earning movies just because of his huge fan base. Definitely, these “Bhai” fans will try their level best to support their hero.

But by making this statement, he has irked many of his fans and industry people. There are many who have already decided to boycott the movie until Salman Khan apologizes.

None other than PoojaBedi has supported him from the fraternity. Most of the stars including SonaMohapatra, RenukaShahane, and KanganaRanaut have shown their anger through tweets of the social media site Twitter.



Whatever he said was not enough that his die heart fans are making the situation worse by trolling the people opposing him and by sending them threatening tweets to the people lashing out at Salman for his remark. SonaMohapatra got more than 1000 rape threatening tweets after tweeting about Salman’s statement. But they are forgetting that these people also have their own fan base that will reply by not watching Sultan.

With so much of negative controversy and anger of people from every part of the country, I don’t think people are going to watch the movie. There are many who have already announced that they don’t support a man who is so insensitive.

As per my personal views, I don’t think that Salman Khan is so innocent that he doesn’t know what he is saying. I have seen him in Big Boss when talking to contestants and thrashing them for their bad behavior. So, he understands the things very well.

It all seems to be a publicity gimmick which I personally didn’t like at all.  This time, Salman Khan is not gonna get public support at all.

The worst part is, he hasn’t apologized even after so many days of making the remark. Fine sometimes mistakes happen, but these can be corrected by accepting it, which he does not seem to be in the mood to do.