Prachi Tehlan’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey

Prachi Tehlan

Prachi Tehlan AKA Arzoo of ‘Diya Aur Baati Hum’ is a household name today. She is getting fame for her bubbly and happy go lucky personality portrayed in the serial. Viewers love her for the energy she brings to the role.

But the beginning of this Indian National Netball Captain’s career on the small screen was not that smooth. In the beginning, she had to face criticism for the heavy physique. Viewers didn’t find her much attractive and appealing. The talented actress who grabbed the role through a fan page on Facebook was soon asked to lose weight to fit into her role.


Before entering the TV industry, Prachi was a successful Netball player. She represented the country at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 and 2011. She brought home silver medal by winning at the South Asian Beach Games.

But the things in the glamour industry are different. Here along with the acting skills, the stars also need an attractive body. Be it a female actor or a male actor, the audience accepts only the ones having the stunning physique. On this, Prachi said,


“I never aspired to be an actress, so it was a surprise when I was offered the role. Being a Jat and a sportsperson, I have always been tall and well-built. I was asked to lose 15 kilos. I don’t feel shy talking about my weight because it is not an issue. When you are so tall, the weight has to be in proportion to your height. But in glambiz, the dynamics change; they always want a thin girl.”

Hailing from a sports background, the beautiful lady understood the importance of the healthy and fit body and started working on her weight immediately. It was her determination and complete liquid diet that helped her shed 12 kgs just in one month and 20 kgs in three months.


Everyone wants to have a perfect body, which is possible only with a right blend of diet and workout. But Prachi was given short notice for weight loss, due to which she had to look for alternate ways to see quick results. Here is what she said on quick weight loss:

“I was on Dr. Howard’s liquid diet under the supervision of experts. My family doctor told me, if anybody can make it possible for you in less time, it’s Dr. Howard. I used to have 3 packets of shakes they provided. Along with that, the liquid diet included 6-7 liters of water, black coffee or green tea. I was allowed to have only that for 3 months. Now I am on a proper diet and I am eating, working out and I feel great about myself.”


Weight loss is not just a one-time affair. To look gorgeous one needs to maintain it by following a strict regime. To maintain her glamorous figure, Prachi ensures that she takes healthy food, drinks lots and lots of water and workouts on a regular basis.

And today this is what she feels when she gets compliments from the fans as well as critics:

“I feel great! Being a sportsperson I was always fit but had gained during my tenure as a consultant working for Accenture. Entertainment industry demands to stay fit and healthy to look beautiful on screen and national television. I reduced 20 Kgs in 3 months and shocked everyone with the willpower required to do so. There were people who supported me and also discouraged me in the entire process but I remained focused. And here I am from 92 to 72 Kgs today.


As she is from a sports background, there are always questions about her stability in the acting field. When asked about her future plans, this is what she said:

“Since it was an opportunity given to me by the industry, I would first want to give my 100% and prove my credentials as an actor. I would love to move on when I feel satisfied with my efforts and its outcome. I want to start playing golf. I will do that once I get established here.”


Leaving sports for a sportsperson might be really difficult. But managing both the things can be a more daunting task and especially when you are in TV industry where stars have to shoot for around 16 to 18 hours at a stretch. Here’s what she has to say on managing acting and sports:

“I am no more active in sports when it comes to playing professionally. Acting is keeping me on my toes for at least 16-18 hours of work on daily basis… sometimes more… This industry looks easy and glamorous, but to be frank, it’s difficult than playing a sport.”


After months of hard work and strict liquid diet plan, Prachi Tehlan AKA your favorite Arzoo has the figure that every girl craves for. Hope you have got some tips and inspiration to lose extra pounds to look gorgeous like her.

Good going Prachi! You are a real star and inspiration for many who are struggling with their heavy bodies.