Netizens speak out in support of Shahrukh Khan after spit controversy at Lata Mangeshkar’s funeral

SRK visited Lata Mangeshkar’s funeral on Sunday leading to the spit controversy. The actor is backed by netizens on Twitter.

On Sunday, Shahrukh Khan made a rare public appearance at Lata Mangeshkar’s funeral in Shivaji Park in Mumbai. The actor arrived early and anxiously awaited the opportunity to pay his respects to the singing legend. Shah Rukh Khan, who is a devout Muslim, made a dua for Lata Mangeshkar. He took off his mask for a split second and made a facial motion that numerous ill-informed netizens mistook for spitting. The fact is that Shah Rukh Khan blew air after uttering a dua, which is a holy ritual for many Muslims.

During the whole ordeal, Netizens as well as a few celebrities have taken to their Twitter handles to showcase their support for the megastar. On their, Twitter handles some even admired the security of our country.

A fan said, “There would be fact checks that, ” No Shahrukh Khan didn’t spit,  he gave dua.” Imagine this needs to be clarified for one of the most influential people not only in India but in the world.’ While another fan tweeted, “Shah Rukh Khan reading a Dua, Shah Rukh Khan blowing on #LataDidi for blessing in the next life. Shah Rukh Khan showing us how pure the man is.”

SRK was accompanied by his manager Pooja Dadlani at the funeral.