#HairCareTips – 7 Ways to Control Hair Fall and Get Healthy Locks in Monsoon

Dandruff, hair fall, oily scalp….. Don’t these words scare you when talking about your hair?

These are some of the common problems in monsoon due to extreme humidity in the air. The season might be romantic, but the toll it takes on your hair spoils all the romance and fun. The weather causes extreme hair fall problem by making them lifeless.

But don’t worry, these problems cannot stop you from enjoying this beautiful season. There are some tips, using which you can banish these problems and can make your tresses thrive in this season.

Drink a Lot of Water

Sometimes water works like a magic potion for the body and prevents it from a number of problems. Drinking 8-12 glasses of water every day is a great trick to control hair loss. It washes off the toxins, which along with fungal infections complicates the hair problems.


Cut-down the Use of Hair Styling Products

Using hair styling products to make different hair style every day is common for the women. And for someone who doesn’t have naturally healthy hair, it becomes a compulsion to use these products. But it is advisable to cut down their use in the monsoon season as the chemicals in these styling products can make your scalp and hair oily. Moreover, the gels and gums in these chemical-laden hair styling products can cause dandruff.


Wash your Hair Regularly with Mild Shampoo

Oil scalp is a root of many hair problems and this increases further in this wet season. To prevent it, you should wash your hair at least, three times a week with a mild shampoo. During monsoon, hair becomes limp and regular shampooing in the only idea to give volume to your hair. Make sure you always shampoo your hair when these are exposed to the rain water.

Smiling young woman washing head with shampoo

Moisturize the Tresses

Though your hairs are already sticky and greasy due to the humidity in this weather, you still need to moisturize your hair with a good oil. Make sure you get a nice warm oil massage before hair wash. You can either use regular oil or essential oils. The benefit of using essential oils in this season is that your locks don’t look greasy and heavy. Choose an essential oil that suits your skin type and apply it at least, 20 minutes before every hair wash.

oil massage

Watch your Diet

I guess, there is no need to explain the effect of our diet on our hair. What we eat has a direct impact on your hair health. Show off your mane by including more protein rich food items like eggs, carrots, green veggies, nuts, whole grains and low-fat dairy products in your daily diet.


Keep your Hair Dry

Make sure your hair is completely dry when tying them. I know how tedious it is to wash hair every time we step out in the rain. Don’t let this problem take away the fun in the romantic season. Make sure you move out with an umbrella or a cap to keep your hair dry. You can also opt for a raincoat to prevent your hair from getting drenched in the rain.


Use hair Pack at Least Once a Week

Monsoon causes a lot of dullness in the hair and the panacea for this is a hair mask. Let your hair thrive in this season by restoring their lost glory. You can either use a homemade hair pack or can buy natural hair masks from the market.

hair packs

Do you have any special tip for hair care in the monsoon? Do let us know to help others get beautiful locks in monsoon.