#FlabtoFab – Parineeti Stuns Everyone with Her Ultra Fit Avatar

With her recent hot and stunning appearance in Dishoom’s item song Jaaneman Aah, Parineeti Chopra has become a talk of the town. The chubby actress has transformed into a hottie flaunting her six pack abs and joined the league of curvy actresses.

But we all know this was not very easy for her. Weighing 86 kgs before joining Bollywood, the journey was really difficult for Parineeti. Even after losing a lot, she was body shamed by many people on different social media websites.

parineeti chopra new avatar

Parineeti has won millions of hearts with her cool attitude, sweet style, acting skills and confidence. Besides here acting skills, another factor that hogged her limelight was her weight. In the Bollywood industry where zero-figure is given a lot of importance, this bubbly girl tried to win hearts with her chubby look like VidyaBalan and Huma Qureshi, but failed to do so.

But now she has put all the body-shamers to shame with her amazing transformation from size 38 to size 30. The chubby girl has now transformed into a hot diva with perfect six pack abs.

parineeti chopra six packs

She took a break after the movie Dawat-E-Ishq and looking for the best opportunity to surprise everyone with the drastic change in her body.

“As you all know I’ve been working on my body for a really long time and I wanted to show it on the right platform. So when I got to know about the song, it was the perfect platform. I wanted to work with VarunDhawan. I so glad everything just came together and it was a great song and we had so much fun.”

People are getting mad over her super sexy slim look in Jaaneman Aah. Twitter is flooded with the tweets of Parineetis fans praising her for the new look.

parineeti chopra

parineeti chopra

parineeti six pack abs

parineeti chopra

Do you want to know how did this magic happen?

Due to her immense love for food and weak metabolism, losing weight was a big challenge for Parineeti. Strict diet plan that included water, juice and some veggies made her feel weak and hampered her weight loss regime. Then with experts’ advice she started a rigorous workout regime and a diet plan that helped her shed a few extra pounds.

You will rarely find people accepting their weight issues, but as we said above she is loved for her bindass attitude, she openly admits the problem. In one of her interviews she said, “I am a 25 year-old and there is no reason for me to look fat. I want to look great. I am taking care of myself and I am losing even more weight because I want to look better.”

Bollywood-Actress-Parineeti-Chopra in new style

Parineeti is young actress who wants to wear the stylish outfits and wants to look great at every event, which she found really difficult in her heavy figure. Limited number of clothing choices due to tummy issues further encouraged her to lose weight.

Her strict exercise regime to shed extra pounds

As she is a food lover, she hates to workout. But the negative limelight forced her to take up gymming despite having hatred for exercise. Soon her efforts started showing results and she perfectly shut up the haters with her slim avatar. Her strict workout regime includes:

  • Jogging
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Swimming, horse riding and other such activities
  • Running on treadmill
  • Dance moves
  • Cardio
  • Other regular exercise

Parineeti Chopra in new look

Diet Plan

Like most of the young people, she also loves to eat pizza, burger and other junk food. But to achieve her goal she had to give up her love for food. In her words, “I gave up pizza! It’s my first love. I can let go of anything but not pizza. But I didn’t have a choice.”

parineeti-weight-loss plan

Her hard work and efforts have finally paid off and she is now a bombshell. Parineeti is really excited and happy with her new look and says, “When I had entered the industry I was big and used to fit into that size category. Now, I feel I am not, as I have lost much weight and look better. I don’t want to be in that weight category. I am working very hard to become thin. I feel I am skinny now.”

parineeti weight loss