Ditch those heels. Wear sneakers with a linen saree. Because why would you not?

Are you still trying to find a common ground between high heels and the six yards of a saree? Do you still secretly pray to make it to the work desk without tumbling on the saree pallu or twisting your ankle in those heels?

Let me toss a million dollar question to all you out there!

Why wearing a linen saree means a bad body posture throughout the day and you arched over, tending to sore foot muscles, by the end of it? When a saree is reinventing itself and has ‘rebooted’ to a version 2.0 for style and comfort, why shouldn’t its accessories be? When you will stop being at the receiving end of fashion stereotypes?

Why are you not wearing a saree with boots or sneakers already? What is stopping you?

Chances are your grandmother and mother is already wearing sneakers with the linen sarees for an evening stroll. Look around you can already see so many elderly women casually strolling around in the malls, in the parks and heck, everywhere! But that’s elderly women. Not you, the fashionista!

Oh, wait, nope, our leading ladies of linen wearing in Bollywood and stylists are shifting the paradigm too and are now the crusader of convenient fashion for women! They are all for traditions and ethnic clothing minus all the drama!

It is functionality and fashion- rolled in together! And the best part is you don’t have to wait for a designer or a fashion store to come up with a plan for you. You can do it right away. Anyway, when it takes a herculean effort to find dresses with pockets, reinventing a saree drape in each aspect, especially convenience, doesn’t look like a priority of your favourite fashion designer, it seems.

But why even worry, when you have some amazing ladies to show you the way and tell that how having a choice can be so liberating!  Finally, debunking the myth that a linen saree doesn’t need to be styled in a certain way. When you can pair it up with a crop top, a t-shirt, a denim jacket, with a legging or a sharara, you can definitely choose boots or sneakers instead of those ungodly stilettos!

If you still need some convincing, we have eyewitnesses ready for you, who needs no introduction in the style department! Take a cue or two from these style divas, who are making linen sarees trendy and effortless- one drape at a time!

Sneak it like Kangana!

Kangana Ranaut is the queen of Bollywood and Fashion world. She can often be spotted nailing the airport looks in linen sarees and sneakers! She looks so comfortable and cool and every bit stylish!

Sneak it like KanganaPull it off like Rekha!

Rekha and her Kanjivaram sarees is a pair made in heaven. If she is sporting a pair of sports shoes with her saree, you better take our words on it! This gorgeous woman was seen stepping out of an airport, like a whiff of fresh air that acknowledged convenience over style and a personal choice over fashion faux pas.

Pull it off like Rekha

Smash it up like Sonam!

When it comes to fashion, Sonam Kapoor has seen it all. Be it sustainable fashion or the evolving or devolving side of it, she rocks it all. She is a real delight in a linen saree and boots! And who couldn’t relate to her folding the saree at least two inches above from ankles!

Smash it up like Sonam

So, next time, when you are looking for some saree inspiration, look for texture, embellishment, embroidery, print, fabric and whatnots but prioritise your convenience and comfort above them all! Don’t let social stereotype stop you from wearing a trendy linen saree the way you want it!