She the People Digital Women Awards – A Source of Motivation for the Budding Women Entrepreneurs

Behave like a woman in the world, not a woman in men’s world

She the People Digital Women Awards was conducted on 23rd November 2019 at Crown Plaza, Gurgaon in association with Google and Colors TV. This was the fifth edition of the award function organized to recognize women in the digital world who have proved that women are not less than anyone. Luckily, I got a chance to join the award show and found that it’s a great platform for the budding women entrepreneurs.

There were different sessions with the successful women entrepreneurs including Debjani Ghosh or NASSCOM, Roma Datta Chobey of Google, Pooja Dhingra, Natasha Kumar of Vajor and many others. All the speakers talked about the power of digital and how women in Tier III and IV cities are reaping the benefits of internet. Women in these areas are using mobile internet to lead a better life by searching for interesting ideas.

Digital Women Awards was conducted on 23

It’s a myth that women don’t help each other.

Major highlight of the event – Google’s ‘I Am Remarkable’ Campaign

Experts from Google and YouTube organized one-hour session where they helped women meet their true potential. The though-provoking interactions during the session helped women realize that they can do anything and don’t need to wait to be 100% ready to prove themselves.

Some of the major learnings from the speakers at She the People Digital Women Awards:

Women under present them and wait to be 100% perfect before starting anything, which is wrong. If they feel that they have the fire and an idea, they should immediately start working towards their dreams.

  • Kids are not hinderance in women’s success; rather, they are the inspiration.
  • We should not let the ‘imposter syndrome’ hold us back from achieving our goals.
  • As per the research, women are more open minded than men.
  • With the right usage of internet, a good idea can spread like wildfire.
  • Investment is really important for small scale businesses and we should not leave any opportunity to grab it.
  • Don’t let rejection demotivate you; rather, ask why and get clarity and conviction in your vision.
  • Spend time with people for feedback and learn from it to strengthen yourself.
  • Take technology as your colleague and make the most of it
  • Build your IKIGAI early and hone it over time
  • Accept ‘Failing to Succeed’ as the route to ‘Succeeding to succeed’.
  • It is extremely important as an entrepreneur to question your dominant logic and have the humility to be proven wrong.

Pooja Dhingra – an Indian pastry chef and businesswoman also shared some management tips, some of which include:

  • Lead by example
  • Give your people enough respect
  • Give them more than just money