Ananya Pandey talks about adapting to her Gehraiyaan’s character- Tia

Ananya Pandey shares her experience in showcasing emotions for her Gehraiyaan’s Character.

Ananya Pandey’s next film Gehraiyaan has gotten her a lot of attention. The actress plays the protagonist in the film, and her character, Tia, is tasked with navigating a web of complicated connections.

While the film has already grabbed the audience’s attention, her character has also been praised by many after the teaser got out. Ananya recently talked up about how she got inside the character’s skin. She revealed that she drew inspiration from her real-life emotions at some level. That’s not everything. Ananya also admitted that she had been the victim of betrayal and cheating in the past. Talking about her experience she said that she is a 23-year-old woman. However, she was 21 years old when she began working on this film. There were undoubtedly some things that she hadn’t encountered in her life. As a result, Ananya couldn’t completely duplicate how she felt at that particular point in her life. However, she added that she has experienced some of the same emotions that Tia has, such as betrayal and cheating, and could relate to those sentiments on a surface level, even if it wasn’t in the context of a relationship or a very severe situation.