8 Bollywood Divas Who Opted for Skin Lightening for Makeover

Where white people spend fortunes on fake tan for sexy dark look, we Indians are still running after fair complexion. No matter how advanced we call ourselves, the love and lust for fair color is not hidden from anyone. You still make two women with fair and dusky skin color stand together and the one with fair skin tone will get more praises for her beauty.
Just look at matrimonial ads or hundreds of commercial advertisements of cosmetic creams claiming to make you look fair just in a few days, obsession of Indian people for fair skin color is clearly visible. And this love for fair color is not just limited to common masses. Bollywood also gives preference to actresses with fair complexion over dusky beauties. There have been many actresses like Nandita Das, Smita Patil and Konkana Sen Sharma, who stuck to their real beauty and proved them with their talent. But when we compare the types of movies they got than other fair looking Bollywood divas, the difference is clearly visible.
Actresses who wanted to make career in commercial and simply entertainment movies than more serious work opted for skin lightening treatment to stay in the race. Here is the list of Bollywood divas, who opted for skin lightening treatment to get a makeover for successful career.

What does skin lightening treatment do?

Before moving on to the actresses who got skin lightening treatment done, let’s first have a look at the process and its benefits. The process is basically preferred by dusky people who want to get fair color. But very few people know that skin whitening treatment also reduces fine lines, improves skin’s textures and removes pigmentation marks, giving you glowing and fair skin. These days, skin whitening treatment is one of the most opted cosmetic treatments in India. Ladies who want to achieve skin tone of their dreams to flaunt their beauty opt for this treatment.

1. Kajol


No doubt Kajol has sharp features, but she also had dusky skin tone. If you compare her old pictures with her recent ones, you can easily find the difference. The lady transformed her into a hot diva by opting for skin whitening treatment. The actress seems to have undergone a skin lightening treatment where concentration of melanin in skin in reduced with the help of different chemical compounds.
Though the results of the cosmetic treatment are clearly visible, the actress denies all the claims and says that she has opted for a stay-at-home treatment for skin whitening.

2. Sridevi


Sridevi is one of the yesteryear actresses who went through a drastic change after success of their Bollywood career. Not just skin lightening treatment, Sridevi has gone through various other plastic surgeries as well to get a perfect look of her dreams. Just compare any of her old pictures clicked during her initial days in Bollywood with the recent ones and you will be able to notice the stark difference.

3. Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty
Shilpa Shetty

Shilpa Shetty no doubt is the hottest moms in Bollywood today, but the lady was not like this naturally. From dusky skin tone to average looking features, Shilpa Shetty was not a Bollywood actress material in the beginning of her career. She has undergone various plastic surgeries as well as skin whitening treatment. However, the lady refutes all skin lightening treatment claims and calls it a natural glow from pregnancy. But from when pregnancy glow started to stay permanently?

4. Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra

Don’t be shocked to see her name in the list! This is true that this popular and highly successful Bollywood diva has also opted for skin lightening treatment to get desired look. The actress might deny the claims, but a close look at her pictures from her Miss World days clearly shows the striking difference. It is clearly visible from her pictures that she not just got nose and lip job done but also got skin whitening treatment.

5. Rekha


Yes, the ever fair diva was also a dusky beauty at one time. Rekha proves that these are not just the today’s actresses who opted for skin lightening treatment, but actresses from yesteryear also gave it a try. This South Indian girl transformed herself completely and maintained the change gracefully. No matter what, there is no doubt that this ageless actress look stunning and radiant till date.

6. Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu
Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu is one of the actresses who entered into Bollywood with full confidence and no regret of her dark complexion. The ‘Dusky beauty’ of Bollywood also became one of the sexiest women of Asia in the year 2005 and 2017. She once said, “I am dark-skinned and am proud of it,” but she couldn’t manage to survive longer in the industry with this and finally gave in due to hurtful comments. Once Kareena Kapoor also called her ‘Kali billi’ and these types of taunts forced her to undergo skin bleaching.
Bipasha is an example that in India, people don’t respect dark colored women and see them with disrespect.

7. Hema Malini

Hema Malini
Hema Malini

The dream girl Hema Malini also got caught by the fair skin syndrome. She got a perfectly glowing, fair and wrinkle free skin overnight, which we all know is possible only through a medical treatment. Apart from her skin lightening treatment, there are rumors that the diva, who supported a wheatish complexion throughout her career also went through a face lift surgery to look young.

8. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone

Survival in Bollywood where so many beautiful and fair looking girls enter almost every day is not easy. Actresses with only talent and average looks cannot survive longer as they are given supporting or less important roles. In a country like India where fairness is the criteria to measure girls’ beauty, dusky complexion cannot help actresses to flourish. So it is not the fault of Bollywood divas, who got skin lightening treatment but the society’s problem that doesn’t give importance and equal respect to ladies having dark skin tone.