7 Actors Who Tragically Died While Filming Stunt Scenes


Acting is undoubtedly a successful career with lots of fame, popularity, and money. It requires skills and talent to perform the role with perfection, but along with these actors also need luck. There have been some unfortunate actors, who either due to faulty props, their limited talent or other reasons lost the life while shooting for the films. Here are some actors who couldn’t witness the release of their films.

  1. Anil: Recently during the shoot of a stunt scene in Kannada movie “Masti Gudi” this 31 years old actor lost his life. The stunt scene got awry in a moment when the actor couldn’t maintain the balance after plunging from the helicopter and drowned away. The shooting was going on in the Tippagondanahalli reservoir, 35km west of Bengaluru.


2. Raghav Uday: The 28-year-old actor died when shooting for the Kannada film “Masti Gudi”. In a scene where he had to jump from a helicopter from the height of around 60 feet to fight with the hero of the movie, he lost control and drowned in the lake.


3. Jon-Erik Hexum: The 26-year-old actor died on the set of the CBS adventure series Cover Up in 1984. An unintentional gunshot wound to the head became the reason of his death. While waiting for the shoot, the actor facetiously picked up the pistol loaded with blanks and pulled the trigger. The blast caused a fracture in his skull causing massive bleeding. After surgery, he remained comatose for a few days and was then declared brain dead after six days.


4. Paul Walker: Best known for his role in “Fast and Furious” series, Paul Walker died in a car in a car crash while shooting for ‘Fast and Furious 7’. He was returning home from a charity event when his car met with an accident and burst into flames.


5. Brandon Bruce Lee: Highly popular for his martial arts, this American actor, and son of martial artist Bruce Lee died in 1993 while shooting for his film “The Crow”. During the shoot of the fantasy action flick, he was accidently shot at from a 15 feet distance with a gun filled with a dummy bullet. The 28 years old actor couldn’t be saved despite surgeries and succumbed to the wound in his abdomen.


6. Jayan: Malayalam cinema’s action hero Jayan died during the shoot of a stunt scene in the movie “Kolilakkam.” Being an action hero, he tried to give the perfect helicopter stunt and insisted upon giving the third take. But who knew that this third retake will become the last shot of his life.


7. Roy Kinnear: He was a British actor who died during the shoot of the movie “The Return of the Musketeers” in 1989. During the scene, the 58-year-old actor fell from a horse sustaining a broken pelvis. The next day he passed away due to the attack.