10 Quirky and Stylish Choker Designs Every Woman Should Own

Choker Designs for Women

When it comes to fashion and beauty trend, the old is always gold. Returning trends like polka dots, palazzo pants, nude lipsticks, metallic eye shadows and now chokers have proved it very well. With the entry of chokers, the 90s trend has come back. Every female celebrity can nowadays be seen wearing this accessory with a style that has taken the craze for chokers to a whole new level.

I still remember owning a stretchable black tattoo choker when I was in high school. Definitely, almost every girl from 90s must have tried the trend at that time. But the beginners still have confusion about the best choker design due to so many options available now.

Well, if you are also one of those confused girls, here are the top 10 picks for you to include in your choker collection.

  1. Stretchable Black Tattoo Choker

This is the basic and the most common choker design that gained a huge popularity in the 90s as well. This tattoo choker has the power to convert even a simple top into a fashionable outfit.

tattoo choker

  1. Fabric Chokers

These are the coolest chokers in the trend nowadays. Having a unique and crazy bent of the medieval era, these chokers have become an enviable style for the fashion forward girls. The best part about these chokers is that you can make them at home as well. Add different elements like studs, metals or sequins to give a lace a stylish choker look. These look great with off-shoulder dresses.

fabric choker - kajol

  1. Minimalistic Choker

The day you want a delicate look the minimalistic choker necklace with a simple element makes a great choice. These chokers give your outfit an elegant twist with a unique touch.

minimalistic choker

  1. Black Alloy and Lace Choker

These simple lace chokers make a great choice for young girls. You can pair it with any casual wear to add charm to it with all the girly vibes.

fabric choker

  1. Mixed Up Choker

If you want to don choker and necklace, but don’t want to wear two separate pieces, the mixed up choker is a right pick for you. Also known as pendant style choker, these come in different types of neckpieces one of which is a choker and others are chains with pendants. These look great with western outfits.

mixed choker

  1. Bling Chokers

Chokers don’t only mean black neckpieces with close-fitting around the neck. You can experiment with other styles as well and one of them is bling choker. These look great with party wear dresses with the deep neck.

bling choker

  1. Goth-style Choker

Add dark and mysterious appeal to your attire with cool and unique Goth style choker. The black pieces with colorful elements and chains take the fashion statement to a whole new level. These have the power to add oomph to any outfit you pair with these sultry pieces.

goth style choker

  1. Leather Choker

If you are not a PETA supporter, this option is a must-have trend for you. These leather chokers with metallic pieces are perfect for a boho and gothic look. Rule the casual look by wearing this choker with a ripped jeans and a tank top.

leather choker

  1. Tie up Choker

If you are a working woman with a deep love for chokers, these simple yet beautiful tie up chokers are perfect for you. Further, you can also wear them with casual wear to rock a stylish look. The tie up choker helps you rock the formal look without looking too sexy or trashy at work.

tie up choker

  1. Metallic Choker

The metallic choker is a must-have piece in your choker collection. These beautiful, quirky and stylish chokers give you modern and delicate look for parties. Wear them with your party clothes and get ready to attract people’s attention at the event.

metallic choker