10 Interesting Ways You Can Use Vaseline As a Beauty Product



Vaseline is one of the most common beauty products that almost every girl has in her makeup kit. But you never use it as a beauty product. It is there just to heal chapped lips or cracked heels. At times, we don’t even remember that we have it in our bag for it is not required for daily routine.

But you will be surprised to know that Vaseline is not just a rash healer or a lip balm. It has numerous beauty hacks from head to toe. Don’t get shocked; just read the beauty hacks below and get ready for amazing beauty uses of Vaseline without spending a fortune on expensive cosmetic products.

  1. Replacement of mascara

If you love well-defined lashes but don’t like to use layers of mascara, Vaseline is a perfect alternate for you. Just coat your lashes with it to get defined and glossy eyelashes. Want some more?

vaseline mascara

To your surprise, the petroleum jelly also helps your eyelashes grow.

  1. Dye stain prevention

Do you hate those patches on the forehead when dyeing your hair? Don’t worry you can now avoid these embarrassing patches. All you need is to just apply the jelly on your hairline and it will prevent your skin from the stains left by the dye.


  1. Eyelash glue remover

No doubt faux-lashes enhance your beauty and give your eyes an intense look. But what about removing them after the event? Removal of fake eyelashes causes loss of real lashes and pain as well. Bid goodbye to that pain and protect your lashes from sticky eyelash glue by using Vaseline as glue remover.


  1. Cheekbones highlighter

Don’t you want to spend extra money to get the gorgeously glowy look for the party? Not an issue; just dab a bit of petroleum jelly on your cheekbones and you are ready with a dewy finish.


  1. Lip scrub

Most of us have always used Vaseline as a lip balm only. But you will be surprised to know that it also works as a perfect lip scrub. To make your lips smooth and supple, mix a teaspoon of sugar with a small amount of Vaseline and rub it on your lips.


  1. Tamed brows

Setting eyebrow cowlicks or arches at a time is a real battle due to their stubborn nature. But you can set them as per your with by applying some Vaseline on them. Just dab some jelly on your ring finger and smooth the fingertips on your arches to keep them in place throughout the day.


  1. Perfume smell enhancer

Do you want to smell good throughout the day without spraying perfume time and again? Just rub some Vaseline on your pulse points like wrist, behind the ear and neck to smell well.


  1. Hydrating moisturizer in dry weather

Dry skin is one of the biggest problems in the winter season. Even the best moisturizers and expensive face creams fail to protect the skin. In this weather, Vaseline is the best moisturizer to hydrate the dry skin.


Ah! I know you must be thinking about acne caused by the heavy duty moisturizer. The good thing about the cream is that it is non-comedogenic in nature and doesn’t cause acne.

  1. Split end concealer

Split ends are the biggest problem almost every woman goes through. No matter how great is the quality of shampoo or conditioner, there will always be a few split ends spoiling the beauty of hair. If it’s been long you got a haircut and not even planning to get it shortly, you can hide split ends by applying Vaseline through the ends.

woman with split ends

  1. Dry cuticle soother

Vaseline works as a cheap and effective manicure. You can cure your dry cuticles by applying the cream on them. A pea-size amount of Vaseline can soften up and soothe dry cuticles of all 10 fingers.


Aren’t these some super easy beauty hacks of a cheap cream? Share what you think about these tips through comments below.